1. mincedprince:

    Low quality pictures from the Sigur Ros show on my birthday. It was so beautiful it hurt. Jonsi held a note for like 20 seconds and then when his voice finally cracked he gasped and giggled a little. Precious angel. It rained the whole time and we got soaked but it wouldn’t have been the same without it probably and also no one could see me crying.

    I was there too! It was amazing how the rain complimented some of the songs and visuals. Love the photos!

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  2. Sigur Ros in the Rain - Raleigh, NC

  4. Rupert Jordan
    Rupert Jordan
    Rupert Jordan
    Rupert Jordan


    London is burning

    Reenacting Stanley?

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  5. Flavorosa Pluot

  8. at Townsan’s

  10. Thanks for the encouragement, cough drops.